Color Capsicum


Botanists have traced the chile pequin to areas of Bolivia and Brazil 7,000 years ago. People first began to cross-breed and select the wild plants for bigger berries and different tastes around 5200 B.C.E. Over the next 2,000 years, the cross-breeding yielded a vast variety of pepper shapes and sizes. various colors in addition to green and red emerged--yellows, purples and oranges .


Capsicum can be set apart from powerful pharmaceutical stimulants and pain killers because it possesses the potency without the delirious side effects.
Capsicum is a source of health and vitality in many countries which include the Bahamas and Costa Rica, in which it is used to treat colic and indigestion, in Africa for vascular disorders, and in North America as a tonic and natural stimulant.



Origin: Egypt.
Green, Red, Yellows, Oranges.
Season: October - March

Color: Green, Red, Yellows, Oranges.
Packing: 5 kg standard open top carton or as customer request.
Min. Order: 24 MT
Quality Certificates: ISO 22000:2005.
Payment: T/T - L/C at sight - CAD.
Delivery time: 10 days after receiving advanced payment or up to Agreement.
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF.
Delivery: Sea (Ocean) / Air freight.
Saving temperature during delivery: +6ºС
Storage after delivery: 2-3 months with the temperature +4ºС, in a dry and ventilated place.